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Gerard and Milan Pique

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RT “@3gerardpique: Mexico… #shakira


RT “@3gerardpique: Mexico… #shakira

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Gerard Piqué: A Summary

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After you recieve this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your ten favourite followers :)

Sorry for the delay. But here we go!

Facts about me:

1. I am in love with Shakira, and everything that surrounds it.

2. And for those who say football is a man thing. I’m here to prove otherwise. I’m a huge sports fan and especially football. Machismo does not roll around here! 

3. I love Gerard Piqué

4. I am mega fan of FC BARCELONA and all the players who make the best football in the world.

5. Yes! I love chocolate!

Thank you! Until next time ..


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Antonelashair’s 2014 Blogroll:

So lately, many of you have been making follow forevers and I’ve been included in so many I feel so fortunate to even be considered one your favs. Last time I did a follow forever was back in December and that took so much work, time, and I even forgot some people. And I honestly don’t want to single anyone out because I really do enjoy EVERY SINGLE one of you I follow on my dashboard or else why would I even be following you? This took me a lot of time to do and I hope you guys like it. I also recently just started to follow some new people and I can already tell my dashboard is going to be even better now tbh


I want to thank you all for sticking up with my blog and to those who have been following me since the beginning, you rock. Also, I want to thank my blog for just letting me vent my everyday thoughts. I’ve had this blog since my sophomore year in high school and now I’m entering my second year in college, and this bad bitch has been with me through the good and bad.

xoxo (Laura)

¡Visca Barça & Viva Argentina! 

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"Every time Sergio. Every, freaking, time. And it’s ALWAYS YOU."


"Every time Sergio. Every, freaking, time. And it’s ALWAYS YOU."

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